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Workplace Compensation

With a success rate of over 99%, you can be sure of our commitment to winning your claim.

Using a specialist law firm with over 90 years combined experience could make the difference between winning and losing your case. At Sanford Legal, our sole purpose is to get you MAXIMUM compensation against insurance companies – it’s what we do best and stand out amongst our competitors.


You will not be liable to pay any costs associated with making your workers compensation claim.
  All your costs, including legal costs, costs of medical reports and barrister fees will be funded through WIRO (a division of WorkCover) which approves legal costs on behalf of workers when making workers compensation claims.


Workplace Compensation Claims
All workers in New South Wales are covered by workers compensation insurance in the event of an injury or death which occurs during the course of their employment. This coverage extends to injuries that happen either at or outside of work premises, such as during certain breaks and rest periods from work, as well as pre-existing conditions aggravated by work.


Who can Claim
Anyone who has sustained an injury as a result of work.


Time Limits
The lodgement of any workers compensation claim should be made promptly as there are time limits that apply for such claims to be made. It is important that you report the injury to your employer immediately and lodge your claim for compensation as soon as practicable. Strict time limits apply so seeking prompt legal advice will help with faster claim processing, and is in your best interests. Our team of experienced workers compensation lawyers can explain whether your injury falls under Workers Compensation and/or Common Law so that we can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our experienced compensation lawyers will help you in:

  • Obtaining medical records and medico-legal opinions
  • Reviewing the claims of any independent doctors from WorkCover
  • Assessing the need to obtain further/additional medical opinions to help support your claim
  • Advising you who is liable to pay for the medical reports and bills


How will this affect my employer
If you have suffered a work-related accident, do not be afraid that you will be fired. Your employer must do everything it can to keep you employed and it is in their best interest to keep you employed and to comply with the workers compensation legislation. At Sanford Legal, we can help clarify your rights and your employer’s legal obligations to compensate your injury.


Common Law/Work Injury Damages Claims
If you are assessed as having 15% or more Whole Person Impairment (WPI), then you may be entitled to bring a Work Injury Damages Claim against your employer. In order to do so, you will need to establish your employer was negligent.

If you are entitled to bring a Work Injury Damages Claim, then your damages are restricted to past and future wage loss only. This gives you some means of recovering the difference between what you are receiving in workers compensation and what you would be earning if were still working or working to your full capacity.

If you resolve your Work Injury Damages Claim by way of settlement or judgment, then you will give up all your future workers compensation rights including the rights to medical expenses. It can become a complicated decision to pursue a Work Injury Damages Claim without a specialist’s consultation.

This is one area we specialise in and make significant impact. Previous clients have approached us when their solicitors have been at a loss, only to find that they were in fact eligible to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.


We can only act for you in workers compensation claims if we are able to obtain funding for you from WIRO.

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