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Medical Negligence Claims

The public health system in New South Wales has major problems. As a result, this has translated into circumstances of inadequate care being provided to patients throughout the New South Wales health system.

Some examples of medical negligence cases include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failing to identify or treat emergency medical problems
  • Discharging patients from hospital too early
  • Failing to provide adequate reviews after a patient has been discharged
  • Delaying treatment to patients with emergency care needs
  • Discharging patients from mental health hospital when they have previously presented as a danger to themselves or the community
  • Failing to adequately treat women during pregnancy or labour
  • Surgical errors and inadequate care

Medical negligence cases are complex and require particular expertise. At Sanford Legal, our experienced lawyers can assist you with your claim.

So speak to us today as you might be entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation.


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